Trophy Trailers: The Toughest Aluminum Trailers in the Midwest!
20 Reasons Your Trophy Should Ride on a Trophy
#1: No-Compromise Raw Materials

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

"You Get What You Pay For." True in Life, True in Trailers!

Thicker Materials. Smarter Manufacturing. Built with durability in mind! Because we also build our trailers for ourselves, you can be confident that the highest care and quality goes into each trailer that leaves the Trophy factory.

#2: Real-World Engineering

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Designed for the Rigors of Everyday Use, No One Works Our Trailers Harder than We Do!

As a company, we are still small enough to care about every detail of our trailer design, because we take personal pride in the strength and durability of our product. While bigger manufacturers might be leaning on their reputation, at Trophy Trailers we are continuing to build our reputation.

#3: AeroGate Fold-In Ramp

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

AeroGate Folds In Completely to Effortlessly Cut Through the Wind

Little known fact: Even mesh and slotted tailgates act like a brick wall against the wind, creating enormous drag and multiplying the wear and tear on your tow vehicle. Trophy's Aerogate folds flat on top of the deck to eliminate wind drag and reduce damage to your vehicle!

#4: Double-Reinforced Tongue

Double-Frame Beneath Critical Load Areas

Trophy's Aluminum Trailers Are All Equipped with our Exclusive Double-Strength Tongue!

All of Trophy's Aluminum Trailers utilize a rugged 4x2 tongue brace creating the equivalent of an 8x2 frame beneath the critical load-bearing front section!

#5: Low-Ride Pontoon Trailers

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Nothing Can Damage a Pontoon During Transport Like a Strong Headwind. Trophy's Pontoon Trailers Keep Your Pontoon Low and Protected!

Less wear on your pontoon. Less wear on your vehicle. That's the idea behind the low ride height of Trophy's Pontoon Trailers. Wind shear can not only be difficult to drive through with a large pontoon in tow, but that same wind can cause significant damage to the delicate aluminum most pontoons are made from.

#6: No-Flx Tongue Reinforcement

Trophy's Exclusive No-Flex Tongue: Toughest in the Market!

Every Trophy Aluminum Trailer is Reinforced with our Exclusive No-Flx Design

Trophy's exclusive No-Flx tongue incorporates two 4x2 tubular tongue braces and extra aluminum plating around the critical tongue-frame joint, creating the strongest, most durable tongue section available! Reduced twisting under load protects structural integrity and lengthens trailer life.

#7: Engineered Half-Moon Hinge

Trophy's Exclusive Half-Moon Hinge!

Trophy's Half-Moon Hinge Enables Complete Fold-In and Flush, No-Bump Loading!

Our exclusive gate hinge allows ramp to operate flush with the deck and still fold flat when not in use! Equipment rolls up into trailer smoothly, and gate folds flat against deck when not in use.

#8: Pre-Crowned Pontoon Frame

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Trophy Incorporates Pre-Crowned Top Frame to Provide Stem to Stern Support for your Pontoon!

Most Pontoon Trailers are hard on their delicate pontoon cargo because they lack the engineering to completely support the pontoon. Trophy has Pre-Crowned our Pontoon Trailers to provide the best support in the industry, protecting your pontoon from harm in transit.

#9: Convenient Lower Ride Height

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Save Your Back! Easier Loading and Unloading with Trophy's 3500# Drop Axles!

For the easiest use and most economical overall utility trailer operation, Trophy Trailers provide a low ride height for less wind drag, better load balance and effortless towing on all our steel and aluminum utility trailers.

#10: Bolted 2x6 Treated Plank Floor

2x6 Treated Deck for Rugged Durability!

Bolted 2x6 Treated Planks are More Durable and Easier to Maintain!

Every Trophy Trailer deck is built with full 2x6 treated lumber decking individually bolted to the frame to reduce trailer flex and provide easier maintenance and repair! Trophy's decks virtually eliminate the danger of slippery floors (and the brittleness) common with aluminum decking, keeping both the owner and the cargo safer and more secure.

#11: Waterproof Recessed Lights

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Every Trophy Trailer Leaves the Factory with High Quality Waterproof Recessed Lights

One of the biggest trouble areas for utility trailers is the constant struggle with trailer lights. Trophy Trailers provides waterproof, recessed tail lights with every utility trailer we sell. Better protection. Better function. Better longeviety.

#12: Rugged Diamondplate Sides

SolidSide Trailer Features Aluminum Diamondplate Sidewalls

Trophy's Aluminum Diamondplate is Both Rugged and Great Looking!

Trophy Trailers' popular Aluminum Diamondplate trailer features thick aluminum sidewalls for rugged durability and great looks. Built using diamondplate side supports for strength and seamless looks, Trophy's SolidSide Diamondplate trailers are best-in-class for ridiing in style!

#13: Smooth, No-Bump Loading

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

With Trophy's Half-Moon Hinge, Loading is Smooth and Bump-Free!

Thanks to Trophy's exclusive Half-Moon Hinge, the aluminum AeroGate not only folds in completely to save gas but also folds open to create a smooth, flush threshhold for easy loading and less hanging up of low cargo like mowers!

#14: Sure Lube Hubs - Standard

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Every Trophy Trailer Comes with Sure Lube Hubs for Easy Maintenance and Trouble-Free Ownership!

Sure-Lube hubs provide trouble-free maintenance of your trailer axles over the long haul. A superior lube system to many others, every Trophy trailer leaves our factory with Sure-Lube hubs!

#15: Powder Coated Steel Ramps

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Powder Coated Steel Ramps for Lasting Durability!

Rust sucks. But painted steel can easily become rusty whenever the paint wears off! This is why Trophy Trailers powder coats all our steel ramps to give long lasting good-looks to our steel utility trailers! The only way to haul your trophy on a Trophy!

#16: Shallow Water Boat Launch

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Trophy's Unique Pontoon Trailer Design Enables the Shallowest Launch Depth Available!

Wanting teh ultimate in versatility for launching your pontoon? Think Trophy Trailers, with the lowest height launch in the industry! In fact, although we don't recommend it, a pontoon can even be lowered on dry ground using a Trophy Pontoon Trailer!

#17: Channel Subframe Fights Rust

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Channel Subframe on Steel Trailers Extends Life!

By building our steel trailers from channel rather than tubular steel, Trophy eliminated one of the biggest weakensses of steel trailers-- WATER! Since there is no where for water to collect in a Trophy subframe, there a significantly greater opportunity for a long lifespan for the structure of the trailer!

#18: StableRide Suspension

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

StableRide Pontoon Suspension vs. Torsion Axles: No Comparison!

Trophy Trailers was the first to introduce our StableRide suspension, which eliminates the dangerous back-and-forth sway of torsion axles. With our oversized springs and unique equalizer bar, even when weight shifts to one side from rough roads, your cargo remains stable!

#19: No Slippery Aluminum Floors!

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Every Aluminum Trailer built by Trophy Trailers Includes a Sturdy 2x6 Treated Plank Floor!

Additional strength. Owner-serviceable. No slipping like an aluminum floor. While we agree that an aluminum floor looks great at the dealership, it becomes a nightmare as soon as it is put into use! Brittle. Slippery. Prone to warping and cracking. This is what aluminum floors have to give their owners. Contrast that with a Trophy trailer, and you will discover the most user-friendly, sturdiest, and sure-footed floor available. Try one and see for yourself!
#20: Double-Walled Pontoon Frame

AeroGate Opens Flush for Easy Drive-Up!

Trophy Trailers: We Engineer Toughness into Everything We Build!

Even in areas where no one can see, Trophy Trailers has engineered toughness and durability into every part of every trailer! Trophy's Pontoon Trailers are designed with a double-walled lower frame to withstand the rigors of regular use. When out on the road, it is better to have an overbuilt trailer than an underbuilt trailer!

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