Trophy Trailers: The Toughest Aluminum Trailers in the Midwest!
Lights are Recessed and Waterproof Trophy's Aluminum SolidSide Trailer Features Diamondplate Sidewalls Trophy's Fold-in AeroGate Saves Fuel and Wear on Your Tow Vehicle Exclusive Half-Moon Gate Hinge Enables Flat Fold-in Plus Unhindered Access When Down Every Trophy Trailer Includes SureLuve Hubs for Long-Lasting Durability Tandem 3500# Drop Axles 2x6 Pressure Treated Floor Boards are Individually Bolted to Frame No-Flex Tongue Creates Super-Strong Frame for Lasting Durability
The most popular toy for outddoorsmen is the UTV. The best trailer brand for getting them there is Trophy Trailers! Trophy's Aluminum UTV trailers include 12" solid aluminum diamondplate sidewalls for easy loading and unloading, and have the payload to haul up to two UTVs! Compare our features, engineering, build quality and durability with other aluminum UTV trailers and you'll see why so many haul their trophy on a Trophy! Mouse over the blue pins above and see the unique qualities and extra-mile components that make Trophy Trailers one of the fastest growing trailer manufacturers in America!

Aluminum UTV with Solid 12" DIAMONDPLATE sideWALLS

  Model # Size GVWR Weight Tires Axle(#) Brakes W (inside) L (inside)  
  XXXX 4x8 1700 500 13" 2200 - 50 99  
  XXXX 5x8 1700 550 13" 2200 - 61 99  

More Features:

• 12" Diamond Plate Solid
  Aluminum Sides
• 10 C-Channels for Strong
  Sidewall Support
• AeroGate Fold-In Ramp
  Reduces Drag
• 3/16" Tongue Insert
  Strengthens Tongue
• Recessed Side and Rear
  Lights with Snap-In Plugs
• Turnbuckles on Rear Ramp
  Reduce Rattle
• 8 D-Ring Tie-Downs
  & Added Anchor Points
• Tubular Cross Members
  Beneath Floors
• Bolted Floors Allow
  End-User Maintenance
• Long-Lasting 2x6
  Pressure Treated Deck
• 4x2 Tubular Frame,
  Tongue & Braces
• OEM 14" Steel
  Tires & Wheels Standard
• Available Aluminum Wheels • Tandem 3500# Axles • 6' Track Width for Easy Towing

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SolidSide Trailer Features Aluminum Diamondplate SidewallsTrophy Trailers' popular Diamondplate trailer features thick aluminum sidewalls for rugged durability and great looks. Built using diamondplate side supports for strength and seamless looks, Trophy's SolidSide trailers are best-in-class for ridiing in style!
Trophy's Exclusive No-Flex Tongue: Toughest in the Market!Trophy's exclusive No-Flx tongue incorporates two 4x2 tubular tongue braces and extra aluminum plating around the critical tongue-frame joint, creating the strongest, most durable tongue section available! Reduced twisting under load protects structural integrity.
Trophy's Exclusive Half-Moon Hinge!
Our exclusive gate hinge allows ramp to operate flush with the deck and still fold flat when not in use! Equipment rolls up into trailer smoothly, and gate folds flat against deck when not in use.
Sure-Lube Hubs: Standard on Every Trophy Trailer!
Sure-Lube hubs provide trouble-free maintenance of your trailer axles over the long haul. A superior lube system to many others, every Trophy trailer leaves our factory with Sure-Lube hubs!
Aerogate Folds Inside Deck for Less Wind Drag Little known fact: Even mesh and slotted tailgates act like a brick wall against the wind, creating enormous drag and multiplying the wear and tear on your tow vehicle. Trophy's Aerogate folds flat on top of the deck to eliminate wind drag and reduce damage to your vehicle!
2x6 Treated Deck for Rugged Durability!
Every Trophy Trailer deck is built with full 2x6 treated lumber, individually bolted to the frame to reduce trailer flex and easier maintenance and repair! Trophy decks virtually eliminate the danger of slippery floors common with aluminum decking, keeping both the owner and the cargo safer and more secure.
Waterproof Lights are Recessed for Long-Lasting ProtectionTail lights on every Trophy landscape trailer are recessed to protect against the rigors of regular use, and the water resistant case is great for all weather applications!
Twin 3500# Drop Axle Makes Loading and Unloading Easy! The 4" lower deck height is ideal for driving your UTVs on and off, and the heavy duty tandem 3500# axles give 5400# of available payload— plenty for nearly any UTVs! Even when hauling two UTVs! Of course be sure to never load your trailer beyond its stated limits.