Trophy Trailers: The Toughest Aluminum Trailers in the Midwest!
Rugged Steel Powder Coated SideLoad Ramp Trophy's Heavy Duty 2x6 Treated Flooring is Individually Bolted to the Frame Exclusive Half-Moon Gate Hinge Enables Flat Fold-in Plus Unhindered Access When Down 3500# Drop Axles Lights are Recessed and Waterproof All Wiring Protected within Frame Every Trophy Trailer Includes SureLube Hubs for Long-Lasting Durability
Trophy's Steel Landscape trailers are perfect for small business! Our reputation for lasting durability and rugged service means you can be confident your Trophy Trailer will provide peak performance year after year!

Steel Landscape HD

  Model # Size GVWR Weight Tires Axle(#) Brakes W (inside) L (inside)  
  HD6510 6.5x10 2000 925 14" 3500 3000 - 78 120
  HD6510/SL 6.5x10 2000 925 14" 3500 3000 - 78 120
  HD712 7x12 2400 1010 14" 3500 4000 - 81 144
  HD712/SL 7x12 2400 1090 14" 3500 4000 - 81 144
  HD714/SL 7x14 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

More Features:

• 1x2 Tubular Railing and
  2x2 Uprights
• 3x2 Tubular Steel Tongue
  & Bracing
• High Gloss Powder
  Coated Frame and Gate
• 4x2 Tubular Steel Frame • Swing-Away Tongue Jack • HD Fold Down Rear Gate
• Removeable Ramp Folds
  Inside Trailer
• 2x6 Treated Decking for
  Easy Maintenance
• Long-Lasting Waterproof
  Recessed Lights
• Custom Wiring Harness
  Inside Frame
• 3500# or 2-2200# Drop
  Drop Axle(s)
• OEM 14" or 15" Tire/
  Wheel Packages

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Trailer Wiring is Routed Through Frame, Protected from HarmTrailer wiring is routed through the frame or conduit tubing, protected from harm and helping ensure your trailer won't suffer from wiring glitches and shorts!
Trophy's Exclusive Half-Moon Hinge!Our exclusive Half-Moon gate hinge allows the AeroGate to operate flush with the deck yet still fold flat when not in use! Equipment rolls up into trailer smoothly, and gate folds flat against deck when not in use.
Sure-Lube Hubs: Standard on Every Trophy Trailer!
Sure-Lube hubs provide for trouble-free maintenance of your trailer axles over the long haul. A superior lube system to many others, every Trophy trailer leaves our factory with Sure-Lube hubs!
2x6 Treated Deck for Rugged Durability!2"x6" Treated Deck for Rugged Durability!
Every Trophy Trailer deck is built with full 2x6 treated lumber, and individually bolted to the frame for easy maintenance and repair!
Rugged Steel Powder Coated Ramps Store EasilyOur heavy-duty steel SideLoad ramp is powdercoated for lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Built for the rigors of daily use, our steel SideLoad ramps can take the harsh treatment from repeated equipment loading and unloading.
3500# Drop Axle Makes Loading and Unloading Easy! The 4" lower deck height is ideal for rolling equipment on and off, and the heavy duty 3500# axle is plenty for nearly any payload!
Waterproof Lights are Recessed for Long-Lasting ProtectionTail lights on every Trophy landscape trailer are recessed to protect against the rigors of regular use, and the water resistant case is great for all weather applications!