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Trophy Products Inc., dba Trophy Trailers, issues this limited warranty for two (2) years from the date of
purchase against defective materials and workmanship and covers the original purchaser of the product
only. The “original purchaser” is the first legal owner of the trailer aside from an authorized Trophy
Trailers dealer/distributor who has bought the trailer from Trophy Trailers for resale to the public.

The Limited Warranty terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer your trailer, regardless of when that sale
or transfer takes place.


During this warranty period, Trophy Trailers, at its option, will repair or replace any part deemed
defective after the trailer has been delivered to an authorized dealer for assessment. If something is
wrong with your trailer, you can contact your dealer or send notification via regular US mail to Trophy
Trailers at 717 N. Broadway, Stanley, WI 54768. In the notification please include your trailer model,
your home address, home phone number and/or cell number. Trophy Trailers will notify you of the
authorized dealer in your area. You will be directed to present your trailer to that dealer. That dealer will
inspect your trailer and contact you to give the results of the inspection, including whether or not the
problem is covered by this limited warranty. If the results of the inspection reveal that the problem is
repairable and is covered by this limited warranty, Trophy Trailers will have the trailer repaired and
returned to the dealer within sixty (60) business days after the inspection or sooner.


This Limited Warranty covers defects in the workmanship and materials utilized in the construction of
Trophy Trailers. Except as set forth in this Limited Warranty. Trophy Trailers makes no warranties
whatsoever, whether express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for
a particular purpose. This Limited Warranty does not cover paint on a steel trailer, scheduled maintenance
(including but not limited to lubrication). Towing, shipping and/or postage charges are not covered. Any
problems resulting from an automobile accident or collision are not covered. Any problems resulting
from neglect, improper installation, improper maintenance, alteration, overloading, abuse, misuse, or
natural disasters (including, but not limited to, flood, hail, wind, lightning, frost, etc.) are not covered by
this Limited Warranty. Any problems resulting from the addition of component parts, adjustment of the
trailer or component parts of any other changes or alterations made to the component parts or the trailer
that do not comply with Trophy Trailers specifications are not covered. Any problem caused by
environmental damage, including but not limited to, airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, salt, ocean
spray, or road water hazards are not covered. This Limited Warranty does not apply or extend to any
promises or representations made by any dealer and/or distributor beyond the terms expressed herein.


The following are exclusions of the Trophy Trailers Limited Warranty: Loss of time, inconvenience,
towing charges, travel expenses (including fuel and lodging), telephone charges, loss or damage to
personal property or loss of wages.


Your purchase receipt is your proof of ownership.

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